The End of a Hiaitus

Man alive, it sure has been a while.  It’s funny what happens when life catches up with you; new job, new Rotaract year, new club positions, same District position but new challenges in that area.  It sure has been a while ride over the past couple of months!  But you know what, settling back into a routine gives you that warmth inside that makes it all feel like home, no matter where you are.

Some business to catch up on.

  1. Rotaract District Training is coming up at the beginning of November.  This is an awesome opportunity given to us from our neighbouring District 5040 Rotaractors to learn more about Rotaract and our position in the big scheme of things.  We have the opportunity to listen to some great speakers from throughout the two Districts (including yours truly) while mingling with like-minded folks from the area next door.  Saturday, November 9th in Vancouver (more information to follow), an all day event at a minimal cost.  One of the best things about this event is that if you attend, you DO NOT have to attend Assembly in the Spring (unless you really want to).
  2. Interota 2014 is fast approaching!  This awesome event takes place once every THREE YEARS and is being held in Toronto/Montreal for the first time EVER!  As the longest running Rotaract Convention of its kind, it offers an action packed week that is sure to impress!  Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity!
  3. The Peak Experience – District 5050 Conference 2014 is steaming ahead.  I can’t say for certain at this time, but there is rumour abound of some fantastic speakers and events taking part over this weekend.  In addition, space is extremely limited!  If Rotaractors really want to get in on this awesome weekend, please register online ASAP.  Lodging is another issue.  Check with other Rotaractors in the district to see if we can potentially room together (to cut down on cost).  Try the President of the Cloverdale Club, Mia, as I hear she has a room booked already.

I do have to run, but ensure you check back often for updates.  Also, check the district site for more district-wide info on events and happenings!  As always, feel free to drop into any Rotary or Rotaract club at any time (it’s good to let someone know you’re coming first, just in case there’s something special happening that day).  And feel free to contact me should you need… that’s what I’m here for!

Yours in service
Jennifer Petrichenko
DRR D5050 2012-2014
Rotaract Club of Cloverdale

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