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District Rotaract Representative Webinar

On December 13th, 2012, I had the pleasure of attending my first Webinar.  For those of you who are all like “What the heck is a Webinar, Jen?  Did you make this up?”  I most certainly did not!  It is a real thing!  And it’s not just a Rotary thing either.  Webinars are just like regular meetings or seminars with conversation, slideshows and handouts, except you can take part from the comfort of your own home while still snug in your pyjamas with a coffee in hand!  Brilliant!  I wasn’t quite so lucky, I took part in this one from the comfort of my desk after my shift ended nestled in work clothes, but who’s really keeping score.

I had the pleasure and privilege of taking part in the Rotary International’s Rotaract DRR Webinar hosted by Adam Arents of the Rotaract head office.  I was unaware of who the other participants were but we did hear from the facilitators and three presenters   It was really an awesome experience.  I appreciated how the three Rotaractors or former Rotaractors were able to give advice and folly of their time in the DRR position.  It kind of reinforced that I was on the right track and that things are really moving along as planned (there’s a handbook for this position, but it’s far from being step by step).

If you are interested in further webinars hosted by Rotary International or Rotaract head office, check the RI website.  If I find something particularly Rotaract-worthy, I will post it on here for the world to see!

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