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#RACtalk Twitter Chat – December 6, 2012 – The Introduction

The title pretty much speaks for itself; I am moderating the next Twitter chat that is to take place tomorrow morning at 7:30PST, and we will be discussing the role of the District Rotaract Representative (or DRR for short).  As I write this I am 97 days into my term as DRR for District 5050 and I think we are headed in the right direction.  As with any leadership position there have been a number of obstacles to overcome and I expect a number to follow, but overall it’s an awesome opportunity that I am lucky to have been granted. 

But enough about all of that.  Tomorrow’s #RACtalk should be a good one.  I am moderating it (@jpetrichenko) so do look for me online.  I have been in contact with Adam from Rotary International who has proposed a number of questions which are

  1.   What advice would you give to a new District #Rotaract Representative?
  2. What are the most effective ways you’ve found to communicate with Rotaractors in your district?

  3. How can a DRR form good relationships with the district governor & other district officers?

  4. What suggestions would you have for a DRR who’s looking to plan a great district #Rotaract conference? 

  5. What are 3 things you MUST do during the year to succeed as a DRR?

I think the questions will bring some good conversation!  I’m nervous though… I’ve been sick as a dog for the past three days, missed the #WeConnect service project on Tuesday because I slept through my alarms, didn’t go to work today and in the end didn’t wake up until 3:30PST… CRAZY!  Having said that, I’ll drink back some hot water and off to bed I go.  

In conclusion, please join me for the next #RACtalk at 15:30GMT (07:30PST) on December 6th, 2012… Look forward to seeing you online!

2 replies on “#RACtalk Twitter Chat – December 6, 2012 – The Introduction”

Thank you for all of the amazing work you do, Jen. Thank you for always being a supporter and role model for all of the presidents in our area. I look forward to tomorrow’s Twitter discussion just so I can tell the rest of the Twitterverse how awesome it is to have a DRR like yourself to work with on a daily basis.
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