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#RACtalk Twitter Chat – December 6, 2012 – The Aftermath


Simply wow.

What else can I say?  There  are some things that you really cannot understand until you have been given the chance to experience it first hand.  Moderating a #RACtalk session is one of those moments.  It is truly one thing to sit in with the group and engage in conversation about topics but it is completely different guiding the ship through discussion on topics that you know and understand.  There is a certain energy that emanates from those taking part in the conversation that has rejuvenating effects.  Not to mention the plethora of good ideas and other positive ju ju that comes from it all, but that’s just a gimmie! 

As you are well aware (or perhaps not if this is the first blog you have happened across), I am the District Rotaract Representative (DRR) for Rotary District 5050 (Pacific Northwest comprised of parts of Washington, USA and British Columbia, Canada), and this most recent #RACtalk session that just ended was on DRRs.  There was a strong showing of DRRs, mostly from Southeast Asia but also included representation from Canada, the USA, and England.  The conversation was lively and a lot of really good information came out of it.  There are a number of people who I thought would have been there but it’s a tough time for North America.  I’m lucky that way in that I can take an hour our of my morning to do this, but even I have to say no sometimes.  But that’s neither here nor there.

At the conclusion of this session, Adam from RI (on the @rotaract handle) reminded everyone that there is going to be a webinar on DRRs on December 13th from 16:00-18:00 PST.  Further information can be found here.  And of course, a transcript showing the highlights of this immediate past session as well as all other sessions can be found here.

And last but certainly not least, this immediate past session marked the one year anniversary of #RACtalk meetings on Twitter and boy let me tell you, am I honoured to have moderated this session.  So thanks again RI and Rotaract!  If you have the time, please do yourself a favour and check out the next session on January 17th!  See you there!

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