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He was there for a good time, not a long time…

September 24th, 2012 marked another historic day for the Rotaract Club of Cloverdale. In the club’s short three-year existence, it was the second time that a District Governor had made Cloverdale one of their official stops during their district tour.  In an area with a relatively low number of available Rotaract clubs, this is a huge feat!

DG Sean Hogan was met at the club with all the fanfare that should be afforded to an individual in such a position, as well as his wife Poor Carol (an inside joke that DG Sean will likely tell you in person should you ask.  We love Carol!).  The club met with its regular business and planning for up-and-coming meetings then it was off to the races.  The details of the presentation will be kept in utmost secrecy for now as the Chilliwack Fraser Rotaract Club is due to host DG Sean in just over a month from now.  What I can tell you though is that it was very good.  Information that I was privy to prior to the presentation is now a little clearer and no one fell asleep!  A feat unto itself!

Following the big event were some recognition awards as well as four new member inductions then it was off to dinner.  The club spared giving DG Sean the standard speaker’s gift, a 6-pack of chicken nuggets (the club meets at McDonald’s after all), and headed next door to a local pub for a nice sit-down meal and more fellowship.

A good night was truly had by all!  Next Rotaract stop… Chilliwack!

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