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Another #RACtalk afternoon…

I have to preface this post by saying that if you are a Rotaractor and you don’t have Twitter, then you should.  You really should.  I’m not being paid to say this but I thought I would give it a try, and am I ever glad I did.  I’m not about to over-hype its capabilities or sell you on something that is completely useless… just hear me out…

For me, Twitter keeps me super connected to what other Rotaractors are doing out there.  I follow a number of key players around the world and in our own back yard (i.e. @khunkhunj, @desmonddevnich, @anget09, @interota2014, @cfrotaract, @rotaractclover, @rotaract, etc), all of which offer insight, support, friendship, and so on and so forth.  But most of all they offer leads into conversation and current trends at a macro level.  Where Facebook has got so big and is changing so often, I don’t feel the same connection with people there as I do on Twitter.  Anyways, enough about that.

If you’ve read any of my previous posts I have made comment to taking part in #RACtalk conversations on Twitter.  These are like group chats in limited character space talking about different topics that are relevant to Rotaractors (i.e. Rotaract talks).  I try and take part in as many as I can.  They can vary in time to try and capture different audiences around the globe.  They are hosted by Rotaract at the central head office in Evanston, IL which is situated about 30 minutes north of Chicago, and are moderated by a different Rotaractor each month.  The #RACtalk that just took place was on the six Rotary avenues of service and was presented in the form of a quiz show.  You can see some of the past discussions, if not all of them, by visiting  It’s pretty neat, I’m in there a number of times.  But I digress…

So this month’s talk kicked off a bit later than usual; 3 o’clock to be exact.  Typically they’ve been first thing in the morning Pacific Standard Time, but they chose a 17:00 Chicago time start.  That was alright by me, doesn’t bother me either way.  There were a number of participants, which is always good to see.  And overall it wasn’t the same people that are usually there, which is an even better thing.  I introduced myself and we were off.  They decided to hold the chat in the form of a quiz show whereby they would throw up a question that was fairly easy to find in the Rotary literature and everyone would respond.  Of those who responded, the names were thrown into a random draw for prizes.  There were four prizes drawn over the allotted hour at random of items from the RI catalogue.  The first prize was an Area of Focus bag, no idea what was in it but anytime you have a whole handbag to stick items in, there ought to be a number of goodies in said bag.  The second prize was a set of historic Rotaract pins, prize three was a Doing Good in the Word DVD while the fourth prize was a set of 50 of the Rotaract promotional cards (which are actually very nice).

Well, to make a long story short, you’ll never guess who won the historic pin set…

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