A Fun Day of Golfing = GolFun!

It may have started out as a gloomy Friday morning at the end of August in Lynden, Washington (Homestead Golf & Country Club to be exact), but it soon turned into yet ANOTHER fabulous day of fellowship, fun, and folly.

Armed with a Giant Redwood Mocha Frappe from Woods Coffee I met up with the rest of the registration and bag stuffing team at the course.  Armed professionals, these Rotarians sat at their stations searching names, handing out information and selling Mulligan packages like it was nobody’s business!  With only three golfers shy we had a full-house of enthusiastic wackers ready to hit the links.

The clouds quickly broke to allow the warmth caress of country air embrace the golfers allowing them for a brief moment to forget about those bad knees and tennis elbows.  This showed in the average scores amongst the teams.  There was no real blow out but there was definitely a winner at the end of it all.  During the dinner reception DGE Dennis Boyd was presented a most delicious birthday cake (to which we partook in), KP and LD prizes were awarded and District Rotaractors brought home the 50/50 funds.

All in all, a great day on the greens.  Next year though, I’ll be golfing it myself.

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