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September is New Generations Month!

Well, as my summer months come to an end it’s time to ramp up the Rotaract year with new ideas, engaging speakers, service projects and fabulous fellowship!

Are you a Rotaractor here in District 5050 or abroad? Have you reached out to a local Rotary club, Rotarians or anyone in General to let them know about what Rotaract is or what we do? I challenge you to engage these groups and inform them of the exciting things that you and your club are doing this coming year.

Did you know that as a Rotaractor you are more than welcome to visit any Rotary club at any time? I’ll post some of my Rotary visit experiences here in following updates. Other clubs are fun to visit for a number of reasons; you get to know other Rotarians from the area who don’t make it out to the larger functions, you get to see what other clubs do to keep their meeting fresh and fun, and you get to inform everyone about us as a group. It’s all too easy. And you ususally get a meal out of it (which you will likely have to pay for, but whatever, it’s a meal out).

If you would like to attend a meeting anywhere but are a bit reserved to go it alone, just let me know. I’ll join you or rally a group of us together to make an evening out of it.

Fun, yes?

Have a great New Genereations month, I look forward to seeing everyone out and about!

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